LinenVogue Mission and Vision

Our vision

Our vision is to become an all-inclusive Global Fashion Apparel and fabric Brand, catering to the ever- changing fashion industry


Our mission

At BRFL, we aim to become exclusive and efficient with the newest designs and consistent fabric quality.


  1. Mr. Janardhan Agrawal establishes the Bombay Rayon Group.
  2. Maharashtra gets its first fabric manufacturing facility.
  3. Bombay Rayon group commences export of fabrics.
  4. Launch of the Garment Division.
  5. Bombay Rayon Groups business is consolidated into BRFL.
  6. The company makes a successful IPO with a listing on all the stock exchanges in India.
  7. BRFL acquires DPJ Clothing UK, supplying to high street retailers in UK.
  8. Set up of 7 garment manufacturing facilities in Bangalore with around 7000 machines.
  9. BRFL acquires "Leela Scottish Lace", one of the largest garment manufacturing units set up in India, making BRFL one of the largest apparel groups in India.
  10. BRFL acquires "LNJ Apparel" a 1000 machine specialized bottoms plant.
  11. BRFL marks the commencement of the mega USD 250 million Textile and Garment Project under a special MOU signed with the government of Maharashtra.
  12. BRFL establishes a fully integrated textile mill in Doddaballapur, Bengaluru with a capacity to process 1 lakh meters/day.
  13. BRFL acquires the iconic brand “Guru”.
  14. BRFL is sanctioned the project under the Scheme for Integrated Textile Park (SITP) by the Govt of India.
  15. BRFL establishes the world’s largest fabric processing capacity of 5 lakh meters/day at Tarapore.
  16. BRFL acquires STI India Ltd, a world class producer of 100% cotton yarn.