LinenVogue Fabric Pallet

Only The Best of Linen

LinenVogue fabrics drench you in the pure love of true linen. We craft a pallet of fabrics where the real texture of linen speaks out loud. Every meter of LinenVogue fabrics are weaved and designed with an obsessive observation to details and passionate attention to quality.

handpicked raw material

From the terrains of European finesse, France and Belgium, handpicked flax is collected in weaving the attire magnificence of LinenVogue

advanced technology

LinenVogue fabrics are crafted, spun, woven, processed & finishedin one of the most technologically advance textile mills installed with best textile mechanism available across the country


High-end, niche, designer fabrics of LinenVogue are designed under the artistic vision of fine craftsmanship infused with involute care