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Amazing Linen

Linen fabric is one of the most primitive fabrics of this world, adored by ancient civilizations. Pure linen fabric is known for its natural shimmer, glee and charm. History has seen Egyptians, Mesopotamians, Sumerians and Celtics viewing linen as the highest symbol of purity, socio-economic affluence and timelessness. History’s patchwork of mystic elegance is draped in the labyrinth of linen ecstasy.

Linen cloth material has several benefits. It is a natural fabric that will protect you inside out. Our Linen fabric are the best linen fabric in India.



Linen fabrics help in reducing the harmful effect of gamma radiation to its half, on human skin


Pure Linen fabrics carry a rare bacteriological property, making it highly resistant to fungus and bacteria


Linen fabrics works as an excellent filter for protection against chemically aggressive medium, dust and noise


Linen fabrics excels as coolant with the ability of extreme absorption and release of moisture through evaporation


Pure Linen fabrics not only possess anti-allergic properties, but also help deducting quite a many skin related diseases


Linen fabrics not only hinders in static electricity accumulation but also helps in its elimination